Foundation Repair, Basement Waterproofing, & Crawl Space Encapsulation in Oregon

TerraFirma Foundation Systems is locally-owned and operated. The firm provides all aspects of high-quality foundation repair Oregon. By featuring the unique Foundation SupportWorks Piering and Basement Systems® waterproofing product line to residential and business customers in Oregon, we have managed to carve out a major presence throughout the entire Pacific Northwest.

Foundation Repair Company in Oregon TerraFirma Foundation SystemsAs an Oregon-based professional repair contractor, our firm’s overriding objective is retaining its industry leadership role by providing the most reliable, trustworthy foundation repair Oregon service in current existence. Are you plagued by “stuck” doors, sloped floors, cracked sheetrock, “frozen” windows, and waterlogged basements?  We have the solution to all these infrastructural dilemmas in addition to many other common foundational matters. Our innovative foundation repair service formats ensure permanent resolution of all your basic structural problems. Following are some highlights of our high-quality service offerings:

Foundation Repair Oregon

In the realm of Oregon foundation repair, homeowners must first be aware of why their particular structural problems have emerged. We offer complete on-site inspections to accurately identify and isolate the root(s) of all your foundational problems. Those wanting to obtain prompt, effective relief from foundational problems that will last forever should seek our accurate advice and affordable prices.

Foundation Repair Compnay Oregon, ORTerraFirma Foundation Systems employs an entire team of highly-trained, certified foundation repair Oregon experts who are able to solve the most daunting foundation dilemmas. They possess sufficient expertise, experience, and skill to apply fully-warranted products and service techniques to affect effective solutions.

Basement Waterproofing OR

TerraFirma has been providing quality basement waterproofing services throughout Oregon for the last two decades. Our company’s certified technicians possess all the knowledge and specialized expertise necessary to resolve overflowing basement problems in an efficient manner that permanently relieves all future worries.  No job is too little or large for us. No basement leakage issue exists that is too large for us to solve forever!

Basement Waterproofing and Finishing Company in Oregon, ORAllow one of our competent, highly qualified basement waterproofing Oregon experts visit your premises to prepare a cost-free estimate. After engaging their services, you will find that your basement stays bone-dry every day of the year!  Due to years of practical experience gleaned from on-the-job training combined with engineering and technological skills development, TerraFirm technicians are sure to devise an effective, permanent solution to all your ground-level water woes.

Our innovative, efficient, and highly-effective techniques have helped keep basements dry throughout the US, UK, and Canada for the last two decades.  We have built upon the best fundamentals of foundational integrity to devise superior waterproofing innovative solutions.

Crawl Space Repair Oregon

Crawl Space Repair Contractor Oregon, ORAny commercial or residential structure represents a real, live respiratory and life-sustaining system for its occupants. All its interior components thus play vital parts in overall structural integrity. Crawl spaces that contain excessive mold, rot, or structural deterioration will ultimately impact all other parts of a home or office building in a most adverse manner.


TerraFirma Foundation Systems specializes in crawl space problem resolution before such matters create a major systemic problem.